Returning to Liberty & My Interview with C.S. Lewis

Listen to the Podcast, 8:46 min.
Liberty Podcast #22

Please listen for Sunday’s Plan.

We return to our building this Sunday at 11:00am!

Here is My Interview with C.S. Lewis

My Interview with C.S. Lewis, 2:26 min.

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Placed in the Presence of God: A Meditation on Prayer

Listen to the Podcast, 17:59
Liberty Podcast #14

Note: We are grateful that no one in our congregation has been sick with COVID-19. I mentioned praying for those who had the virus but meant that in a general way for our country and our county. We also pray for the health care workers in our church and their families.

Read: Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer

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  3. What is the Gospel?
  4. Special Election