Resurrection is a Return from Exile: John 20:11-18

Listen to the Sunday Service Podcast, 40:37.
Liberty Podcast #20

Last Sunday’s outdoor service (May 10, 2020) is from our series on the Gospel of John that began in January 2018.

  1. Missions Report at 00:50 sec.
  2. Scripture Reading by Tom Black, John 20:11-18 at 6:08 min.
  3. Prayer by Dave Ford at 7:30 min.
  4. Message begins at 8:45 min.

The Reality of the Resurrection is Powerful: John 20:1-10

Listen to the Podcast, 28:10 min.
Liberty Podcast #19

Psychologists have long known that people can be scarred for years by a single event.

The term for it is trauma, but what is the opposite?

What word would describe a positive emotional state that lingers for decades in response to a single event?

There is no opposite of trauma, because no single good event has such a lasting impact.”

(Tierney, John. The Power of Bad (p. 7). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. )

But is that ultimately true?

Is there nothing we can call the opposite of trauma?

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ fit into that picture?