Evil’s Kill Shot

Listen to the Podcast, 16:23 min.
Liberty Podcast #16

Do you struggle with why God allows evil?

This podcast considers the Biblical answer to this problem–although a short podcast can never say all that needs to be said!

But these few minutes should encourage you.

Announcing Drive In Church this Sunday, April 26. at 11 am.

Please note:

1. The building will be closed. (Restrooms unavailable).
2. Please stay in your car.
3. A 30 minute service.
4. Tune In to 89.3 FM on your radio. (Signal covers only the parking lot.)
5. Please follow parking attendants for best view.
6. Stay home if you’re uncomfortable/unsure about getting out or are feeling sick.
7. This is a first step to a phased-in re-opening effort.
8. We will still have our podcast for this Sunday at

We look forward to seeing everyone who can come!


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