Finding Our True Selves

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A BBC Radio Talk of C.S. Lewis Reading: “Beyond Personality: Mere Men” Broadcast March 21, 1944 (BBC Home Service Radio)

Finding Our True Selves is in an Exchange.

“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” – Jesus Christ


The Reality of the Resurrection is Powerful: John 20:1-10

Listen to the Podcast, 28:10 min.
Liberty Podcast #19

Psychologists have long known that people can be scarred for years by a single event.

The term for it is trauma, but what is the opposite?

What word would describe a positive emotional state that lingers for decades in response to a single event?

There is no opposite of trauma, because no single good event has such a lasting impact.”

(Tierney, John. The Power of Bad (p. 7). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. )

But is that ultimately true?

Is there nothing we can call the opposite of trauma?

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ fit into that picture?

Christ Wants to Give You Rest

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An outdoor service, transmitted on fm radio.
Liberty Podcast #17
Liberty’s First Drive-In Church Service
Sunday April 27, 2020

Yesterday Liberty Church met for the first time since the pandemic lockdown. It was a drive-in service transmitted to fm radios.

Everyone was eager to see each other, even if it was from a distance.

Thanks to everyone who made the day possible: testing the technology, working with parking attendants, and bringing in a trailer for a stage.

We’ll have drive-in church next Sunday as well, as we think about the best way to open up the church in the coming weeks.

This is yesterday’s audio.

Evil’s Kill Shot

Listen to the Podcast, 16:23 min.
Liberty Podcast #16

Do you struggle with why God allows evil?

This podcast considers the Biblical answer to this problem–although a short podcast can never say all that needs to be said!

But these few minutes should encourage you.

Announcing Drive In Church this Sunday, April 26. at 11 am.

Please note:

1. The building will be closed. (Restrooms unavailable).
2. Please stay in your car.
3. A 30 minute service.
4. Tune In to 89.3 FM on your radio. (Signal covers only the parking lot.)
5. Please follow parking attendants for best view.
6. Stay home if you’re uncomfortable/unsure about getting out or are feeling sick.
7. This is a first step to a phased-in re-opening effort.
8. We will still have our podcast for this Sunday at

We look forward to seeing everyone who can come!