Alone & Far Away, Podcast 3

Listen to the Podcast, 12:18 min.
Liberty Church Podcast #3

People are feeling the loss of being together as a church family. What do you do when you feel alone and far away?

Psalm 63 has encouragement for us.

Links Included in the Podcast:

  1. Good News Network
  2. Babylon Bee
  3. “Is He Worthy” by Andrew Peterson


4 thoughts on “Alone & Far Away, Podcast 3

  1. Thx John, I love Babylon Bee, they have my kind of sense of humor. I appreciate your pod casts.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement and comfort. Enjoyed the 21st service and
    Music and prayers. God Bless
    You all for keeping in touch.
    Love, Doug & Bev Hastings

  3. Thank you again for your
    Comforting message and prayers. We look forward to each one. You are a Blessing
    to us all. Stay safe and encouraged.

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